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Food & wine

Your holidays in France can't pass without The All Important Culinary Experience. This region is well known for the famous Aïl Rose de Lautrec (garlic), the edible chestnut, lamb's meat of the Segala region and canard (duck). Delicious cheeses are found all over France, we are no exeption. This region is home to the Roquefort cheese.

Local wines are abundant. The wines we serve are form the Gaillac, Marcillac, Madiran and Vin de Pays d'Oc regions. Marc is a graduated wine specialist from the Dutch Wine Academy and will organise small scale wine tasting events in our own 'cave' upon request.

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Marc and Manon Beelen, Aimée and Max
Puech de Cabanelles
81190 Tréban (Tarn)

English spoken
t: +33 5 63 54 49 04

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